Kitcharoenpornchai Chumphon Surin Co., Ltd. (Branch 1)
 Rice Quality Improvement Plants

       With a commitment to continuous improvement to produce quality rice to meet the needs of customers and the market, the company has continuously applied modern technology in the production process. With an efficient production system through meticulous inspection and product development on a regular basis, the factory has been certified for quality system GMP HACCP factory management system certification from all raw materials that enter the production system. There are production and packaging systems that are always checked at every step of production by quality inspectors for controlling the quality and standard of rice, whether the level of whiteness, purity of rice, and the absence of adulteration of other rice varieties as examples.

       Rice quality improvement plants produce and package rice under the trademark of our company and also the trademark of customers.

          It is a packaged rice product selling in the country. Which is produced and distributed by Kitcharoenpornchai Chumphon Surin Co., Ltd. (Branch 1). Along with the introduction of modern technology such as vacuum packaging products to meet the needs of different customers with a production system and a quality certified factory. You can be assured that you will definitely experience first class quality rice.

Under the trademark of Racha Mungkorn

Production Process of Rice Quality Improvement Plants
Sprinkle the rice into the raw material pond.
Sprinkled rice through a cleaning curtain grid to cut impurity out of the rice.
After cleaning, rice will be sent to the gravel sorting sieve for cut pebbles out of the rice.
The rice will be sent to the polishing machine, where the polisher will work to polish the grain of the rice and become whiter and clearer by this process, magnets are installed to trap iron scraps from mixing into the rice.
Rice after polishing process will be sent to the sorting machine to sort out the impurity
Rice that is sorted out will be sent to percentage polishing machine for classifying rice’s type
After the percentage polishing machine from the square grid, each type of rice will be sent for grading.
After grading, rice will be sent to the storage tank. This process will set magnets to trap iron scraps from getting into the rice.
When the rice is packed into jumbo bags or sacks, the rice will be released from the storage tank to the container to continue packing.


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