Benefits of rice


Benefits of rice

          Rice is a staple food that is important to the world's population. It is said that half the world consumes rice as a staple food. Thailand’s populations consume rice as a main food in daily lives. Long ago until now, rice has still consumed as the staple food.

          To clarify, rice is the staple food of people of all nations and languages. But the rice that is eaten is different, it may be the type that is processed. It comes from various types of rice such as rice, glutinous rice, corn, wheat, rye, and barley, which are all rice cereal in Thailand. Rice is classified as a staple food in Group 2, providing carbohydrate nutrients and also contains vitamins and minerals. It is a source of energy and warmth. However, most Thai people still consume rice everyday. Some eat rice and some eat sticky rice in the North and Northeast. It is more popular to eat sticky rice than non-glutinous rice, which is up to familiarity and culture that has been inherited.


  • Vitamin B1: can protect beriberi
  • Vitamin B2: can protect canker sore: sores on the mouth, swollen lips, physical exhaustion, anorexia, and eyes are sensitive to light
  • Phosphorus can help in the growth of bones and teeth.
  • Calcium can reduce cramps
  • Copper will help in the formation of blood cells.
  • Iron helps prevent anemia and help in the formation of blood cells.
  • Protein nutrition will help strengthen the worn parts of the body because the protein in rice is an incomplete protein.
          The way to eat rice to get the value of complete nutrients is eating with various nuts and seeds will make the quality of protein in rice better, for example, using a simple method by steaming or cooking rice with green beans, peanuts, black beans, or red beans. Each type of bean has different values. However, before the beans are steamed or cooked with the rice, it should be washed and soaked in water for 3-4 hours in plain water. If it is hot water, soak for about 1 hour. This will help prevent some enzymes in the beans from reacting to flatulence and gas. Some people think that eating beans can cause indigestion which depends on the correct way of doing it. If you can eat brown rice mixed with beans. Regularly will give us a complete nutritional value to replace meat.

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